Minutes – September 2023

A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Monday, 11 September 2023 at

1.   Present: Mr. P. Whittaker (Chair), Mr. A. Ainsworth, Mr. D. Ascroft, Mrs. J. Bennett,
Mrs. L. England, Mr. R. Porter and Mr. G. Scott
The meeting was attended by 14 members of the public

Apologies for absence were received from Mr. S. Booth,

2. There were no declarations of interests

3.  Public Participation:
a) Gordon Hargeaves, Bagging Plant Manager, Tarmac, attended the meeting to offer
assistance with any village project his company can provide.
b) A complaint was made about the untidy state of the village centre particularly the
unemptied litter bins which were overflowing.
c) The footpath at the top of Old Road beside the kissing gate is blocked with six lorry tyres
and the temporary footpath is so overgrown that it is impossible for pedestrians to use.
The Borough councillor will discuss this with the County Councillor and the LCC footpath
officer will be informed.
d) RVBC has approved Planning Application 3/2023/0407 – Glencroft, Pendle Avenue and
the LCC decision to use Pendle Avenue for demolition and construction vehicles. Residents
are in dispute with the owners of Glencroft as it is understood that the original informal
easement was not registered under Section 62 of the Law of Property Act. LCC has been
requested, under the Information of Freedom Act, to provide evidence of what knowledge
they have on the easement.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved

5. Borough Councillor’s Report:
RVBC has a small amount of money available to assist parish councils with external floral
It was resolved to apply for a grant towards new planters.

6. Clerk’s Report:
There were no additions to the written report.

7. Items for Discussion:
A. Lengthsman:
A sub-committee met to discuss the employment of a lengthsman and the provision of small
water butts for installation at Crow Trees Gardens.
It was agreed to propose that the Council resolves to join the Ribble Valley Lengthsman
Scheme for a trial period of 12 months and to determine whether there would be any
objection to the water butts.

B. Playground Equipment:
Although several firms were requested to quote for a replacement toddler train most
were reluctant to give a price without full details of the site, delivery and installation.
Further information to be requested from one firm.

C. Downham Road Bridge:
There has been no response from Network Rail but notices have been placed beside the
bridge giving a contact number.

The process of signing the legal documents is now in progress.

E. Pendle Avenue:
This was discussed under Public Participation (Agenda Item 3)

F. Village Hall Roof:
Arrangements are being made for a builder to inspect the coping stones on the side of
the roof.

G. New Planters:
It was resolved to purchase four new replacement planters.

8. A report was given on the recent Traffic & Road Safety Group meeting, the aim of which
was to press LCC to implement 20mph speed limits throughout villages in the Ribble
Valley. The outcome was that LCC have not got the finance or the operational
resources to carry out the work. Representatives were asked to download a Google
Map of their village and pinpoint what safety requirements would be beneficial but
there would be substantial costs to parishes for the installation for which the residents
must pay.

9. Planning Applications & Decisions:
3/2023/0446. Proposed first floor extension to rear and additional rear windows,18
Downham Road. No observations made.
3/2023/0474 – Proposed store and workshop building to rear. The Royds Crow Trees
Brow. No observations made.
3/2023/0543 Change of use of, and alteration to, ground floor for a dog grooming
salon. Retention of residential use on first floor. 10 Bridge Road. No observations
3/2023/0209 – approved

10. Playing Field:
a) Following the RoSPa playground inspection report it was resolved to remove and
replace the toddler train.
b) The playground inspection advised that the gates need replacing.
It was resolved to ascertain the cost of the replacements.

11. Finance & Accounts:
Payments paid prior to the meeting
D. Stratton – £472.50 – grass cutting
D. Moat – £400.00 – website
Tiden Electrics – £52.70 – LED power supply
Christ Church – £16.00 – Wayleave
Playsafety – 123.60 – playground inspection
K. Sunter – £125.00
S. Sturrock – £797.21
HMRC – £206.28
Chatburn Changing Rooms – £1000 – annual donation

12. Items for the next Agenda:
A. Lengthsman
B. Playground Equipment
C. Downham Road Bridge
D. Village Hall Roof
E. Village Hall Management
F. Playing Field Signs
G. Pendle Avenue

13. It was resolved to hold the next Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 9 October 2023
at 7.30pm. in the Village Hall, Downham Road

The meeting closed at 9.05pm.

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