Minutes – May 2024

           A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Village Hall, Downham Road on Monday, 20 May 2024 at 7.30pm.
           Present:   Mr. A. Ainsworth,  Mrs. L. England, Mr. R. Porter, Mr. G. Scott, Mr. P. Whittaker
1.  Election of Chair:
     Mr. Paul Whittaker was appointed Chair for the next 12 months
2.  Election of Vice-Chair & Council Representatives:
      Mr. Roy Porter was appointed Vice Chair for the next 12 months
     RVBC Parish Council Liaison Meeting – Mr. R. Porter
     Hanson/Heidelberg Meeting – Mrs. L. England
     Representatives to be nominated at the June meeting.
     Playground Inspection, Footpath Officer and LALC meeting
3. Apologies for absence
    Apologies were received from Mr. D. Ascroft, Mrs. J. Bennett and Mr. S. Booth
4. There were no declarations of interest.
5. Public Participation:
    Matters brought to the attention of the Council were an abundance of weeds on Old Road and an insecure lamp standard on Downham Road.
6.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved
7.  Borough Councillor’s Report:
     a) It was reported that a surveillance camera was placed on a lamp standard at the top of Downham Road.   There is no information concerning the purpose of the camera.
     b) The Borough Councillor brought the attention to RVBC about the disgraceful state of the public toilets in Chatburn.  Following an inspection by officers it was agreed
          they were in urgent need of an upgrade.
      c) RVBC is still awaiting a decision on the Old Road appeal.
      d) Hansons have been waiting until the land at Darkwood Crescent dries out before bringing the stones for the path.
      e) Tarmac to be reminded of their responsibility to maintain the land rented from the parish council.
      f) Chatburn School has requested to have the playing field gate left open on 28 May to allow access for a concrete base to be laid for the shed installation.
8.   Clerk’s Report:
       The traffic mirror has been received.  The garage owner has offered to provide a suitable pole for the mirror and will arrange for it to be  in a suitable position.
9.  Items for Discussion:
      A. Electric Charging Points
      Information was circulated to Councillors concerning the provision of electric charging points in parishes.   After discussion it was agreed that this would not
      currently be feasible in Chatburn.
      B. Jubilee Bench
      The parish council has been requested to let Hanson’s have an inscription for the bench.  However, it has been pointed out that the stone selected was unsuitable.
      D. Village Planters
      The lengthsman will fill the planters when the stone has been delivered.
      E.  Playground Grant
      The Changing Rooms Association committee are meeting to discuss whether arrangements can be made to go ahead with the planned installation of a toddler train
       and replacement fence.
       This  item to be discussed at the June meeting.
10.  Representatives Reports:
       No meetings have been attended.
11.  Planning Applications & Decisions:
       ( For information) LCC/2018/0060 – Continuation of Mining Operations, Bankfield Quarry
12 .   Playing Field:
         a) The weekly playground inspection reports were received.
         b) It was resolved to have the annual weed spraying carried out.
 13.   Finance & Accounts:
         Ribble Valley Borough Council – dog & waste bins – £1,413.42
         Water plus – £46.16
         Workplace Depot – traffic mirror – £93.88
         Christ Church – grass cutting – £250.00
          Chatburn Cricket Club – hire of pitch – £60.00
 14.   Items for the next Agenda:
         A. Jubilee bench
         B. Playground Equipment
         C.  Traffic Mirror
         D.  Darkwood Stones
15.  It was resolved to hold the next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 18 June 2024 at 7.30pm.
        in the Methodist Church Hall.
        The meeting closed at 8.40pm.
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