Minutes – May 2023


The Annual Parish Council Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Tuesday, 16 May 2023 at 7.30pm.


Present: Mr. D. Ascroft ,Mr. S. Booth, Mrs. L. England, Mr. R. Porter, Mr. G. Scott, Mr. P. Whittaker


The meeting was attended by one member of the public


  1. Election of Chair:

Mr. P. Whittaker was appointed Chair for the next 12 months.


  1. Election of Vice Chair & Representatives:

Mr. R. Porter was appointed Vice chair for the next 12 months.


  1. a) RVBC Liaison Committee – Mr. R. Porter
  2. b) Playground Inspection – Mr. D. Ascroft
  3. c) Footpath Inspection – Mr. D. Ascroft
  4. d) Hansons Committee – Mrs. L. England


  1. There were no apologies for absence.


  1. There were no declarations of interest in items on the agenda.


  1. Public Participation:

Matters raised were the possibility of repositioning the redundant bus shelter to opposite the church where there are already two benches, a tree house being rebuilt and an ash tree branch requiring attention in the nature trail and a deep hole in the grass opposite Shackleton’s Worston Road entrance.


  1. Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting were approved.


  1. Borough Councillor’s Report:
  2. a) Due to the recent local elections, no meetings have been held at RVBC.
  3. b) The placement of SLOW down signs is required urgently on Old Road. Enquiries to be made regarding the provision and responsibility of these and LCC to be pressed for 20mph signs.
  4. c) Arrangements to be made for the Village Hall roof to be inspected following an incident where a piece of pointing fell on to a vehicle.
  5. d) The Coronation Village Clean-up was a success and several street parties took place.
  6. e) Enquiries to be made for the installation of a Pull-up bar on the recreation ground as an addition to the adult equipment.


  1. Clerk’s Report:

There were no additions to the written report.


9A.  HARP:

There was no update on the planning application.


9B.  Rodent Control:

The situation appears to be under control and will continue to be monitored.


9C.  Newlands Nursery Sign:

Councillors have viewed the signs and agreed that there are problems for drivers on Sawley Road who are unaware of the entrance to the nursery.   This has been discussed with the business owner who will determine the best action to take.  LCC to be requested to paint a SLOW sign on the road.


  1. Representatives Report:

Hansons:  Nothing discussed was relevant to Chatburn but the company was reminded that the promised Jubilee bench had not been installed and that the tree house was being rebuilt.


  1. Planning Applications & Decisions:

No Planning Applications or Decisions have been received.


  1. Playing Field:
  2. a) The weekly playground inspection reports were received.
  3. b) The fences have been repaired and the Children’s Playground sign is ready to be installed.
  4. c) The Chair has discussed the Save the Planet Scheme with Chatburn School and agreed that planting will be delayed until the autumn following the drawing up of a full plan.


  1.         Finance & Accounts:

Payments made prior to the meeting:

Ingham & Yorke – allotment rents – £230.00

  1. Pallister – allotment rents – £140.00


Ribble Valley Borough Council – dog & litter bin collection – £1,353.99

Christ Church – Grass Cutting – £250.00

Amazon – council stationery – £54.38

  1. Hodbod – website maintenance – £30.00
  2. Pendleton – sonar panel – £362

Empress Fencing – posts – £12.70


Chatburn Cricket Club – £60.00


  1. Items for the next Agenda:
  2.    Playground Equipment
  3.  Lengthsman
  4. HARP
  5. Co-option of Councillor


  1. It was resolved to hold the next Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 19 June 2023 at 7.30pm. in the village Hall, Downham Road.


The meeting closed at 8.35pm

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