Minutes – March 2024

A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Monday, 11 March 2024 at 7.30pm.
Present:  Mr. P. Whittaker (Chair), Mr. D. Ascroft, Mrs. J. Bennett,
Mr. S. Booth, Mrs. L. England, Mr. R. Porter and Mr. G. Scott
The meeting was attended by 3 members of the public
1. Apologies for absence were received from Mr. A. Ainsworth,
2. There were no declarations of interests
3.  Public Participation:
Matters brought to the Council’s attention included problems with vehicle congestion at the approach to the Clitheroe Road petrol station and several suggestions were made to alleviate the problem including the provision of a mirror and placing bollards to prevent parking although it was noted that the majority of parked vehicles belong to staff on the trading estate.
4. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved
5. Borough Councillor’s Report:
a) Ribble Valley has set up a Jubilee Fund up to mark the 50th anniversary of the Borough Council and this will be available for all communities to access for projects.
b) The provision of electric charging points in the village was discussed.
c) Ged Mirfin, County Councillor, has viewed the speeding problem on Downham Road and will request a visit from an LCC highways officer to. assess the situation.
6. Clerk’s Report:
 There was nothing to add to the written report.
7.  Items for Discussion:
     A. Newlands
     There has been some repair done to the entrance but this will remain on the agenda for monitoring.   Itwas noted that the 30mph sign, removed for repair by LCC has not yet been replaced.
     B. Lengthsman
     The Lengthsman will be requested to replace the broken planters, to prepare the new ones and check the gulleys.   Arrangements to be made to purchase and install water butts at Crowtrees gardens
8. Representatives’ Reports:
     LALC Meeting:   This was held in Clitheroe and the main item discussed was grants of up to £500 for notice boards in parishes.   Meetings will be held quarterly at different venues.
 9. Planning Applications & Decisions:
     No planning applications or decisions have been received.
10. Playing Field:
a) The monthly playground inspection report was received.
 b) It was resolved to increase the cost of the children’s playground grass cutting by 9%.
11. Finance & Accounts:
A payment was made prior to the meeting
Waterplus – Jan/Feb – £42.34
 PPS – £97.08
 Waterplus – £30.38 – Dec/Jan
 E-on – Christmas lights –
 Waterplus – £49.43 – Feb/Mar
There are no receipts
12.   Items for the next agenda
 A. Lengthsman
 B. Village Planters
13.  It was resolved to hold the next Parish Council meeting Tuesday, 16 April 2024
at 7.30pm. in the Methodist Church Hall.   This will be preceded by the Annual Parish   Meeting at 7.00pm.
            The meeting closed at 8.30pm.
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