Minutes – June 2023

A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Monday, 19 June 2023 at 7.30pm.

Before the meeting commenced two new members were introduced to the Council.

Present: Mr. P. Whittaker (Chair), Mr. A. Ainsworth, Mr. D. Ascroft, Ms. J. Bennett, Mr. S. Booth,
Mrs. L. England, Mr. R. Porter and Mr. G. Scott

The meeting was attended by 3 members of the public

1. There were no apologies for absence

2. There were no declarations of interests

3. Public Participation:
Items discussed included a request to remove the flags from Crow Trees gardens, appreciation from residents for the beautiful flower tubs, a request for the speed limit to be extended along Sawley Road to the by-pass or for the white lines on the bend to be repainted and problems with the waste collection. The parish council was also asked express appreciation to the LCC employees who had cleared out the gullies in Ribblesdale View.

4. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

5. Borough Councillor’s Report:
a) The Borough Council has arranged to meet County Councillor Ged Mirfin and will bring all the points raised by residents to his attention.
b) The police have been in the village with a speed gun but, unfortunately, were noting vehicles entering the and not those going out.

6. Clerk’s Report:
a) Notification has been received of LCC approval to include the Old Road footpath in the definitive footpath map. Notices have been displayed requesting interested persons to make observations before it is finalised in July.
b) The parish defibrillators have been registered with the NHS.

7. Items for Discussion:
a) New Playground Equipment
Quotations have been received for the installation of Pull-up Bars on the perimeter of the playground. Enquiries to be made about possible grants for this.
b) Lengthsman
Enquiries to made about employing a lengthsman, the costs involved and the possibility of sharing with another village.
An update is still awaited.

8. Representatives’ Reports:
A meeting has been arranged to discuss the memorial stone on the nature reserve and the problem with the reconstruction of the tree house.

9. Planning Applications & Decisions:
a) It was reported that the application for the development of a house at the top of Old Road has been refused.
b) Crow Trees Brow residents have received further communication from the Borough Council concerning the development of 39 houses by Pringle Homes.
c) Glencroft, Pendle View – the proposed site development will be accessed down Kayley Lane.
Resolved: Comments to the above three planning applications to be made to the Borough Council.

10. Playing Field:
a) The weekly playground inspection reports were received.
b) The lime tree required lower branches removing as a safety measure.
c) Chatburn School will give the parish council a full plan of planting in the autumn.
d) A letter was received from Chatburn Football Club advising the Council that they would not require use of the pitch for the 2023/2024 season as they were proposing to carry out major works on the centre of the field.
It was resolved to allow the Football Club to carry out work to ensure the safety of players.

11. Finance & Accounts:
Payments made prior to the meeting:
Coronation Grants:
R. Porter £100.00
J. Travis £75.00
S. Jennison £75.00
T. Pendleton £75.00
Water Plus £45.89
R. H. Johnson – repairs to wall – £410.00
Defib Store – pads – £77.99
Solar Electronics – £15.48
K. Sunter – £125.00
S. Sturrock – £700.13
PPS – £97.08
HMRC – PAYE – 206.26
There are no receipts

12. Items for the next Agenda:
A. Lengthsman
B. Playground Safety Latches

13. It was resolved to hold the next Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 31 July 2023 at 7.30pm. in the Village Hall, Downham Road

The meeting closed at 8.50pm

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