Minutes – November 2023

A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Monday, 20 November 2023 at 7.30pm.
Prior to the meeting Darren Moat discussed the website with Councillors.
Present:  Mr. P. Whittaker (Chair), Mr. A. Ainsworth, Mr. D. Ascroft, Mrs. J. Bennett,
Mr, S. Booth, Mrs. L. England, Mr. R. Porter and Mr. G. Scott
The meeting was attended by 3 members of the public
1. There were no apologies for absence.
2.  There were no declarations of interests
3.  Public Participation:
     Matters brought to the Council’s attention were the roadworks outside school and the church, overgrown vegetation on the Sawley Road footpath, the Brown Cow car park closure causing the restriction of traffic due to cars being parked on both sides of the road, the faulty latch on the gate beside the Black Bull and a sapling growing beside the bridge requiring removal.
4.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved
5.  Borough Councillor’s Report:
     a) Pendle Avenue:  If Section 62 of the Law of Property Act was not agreed when the bungalow was sold, access across the land will be forbidden to the developer who has yet to respond.
    b) The overhanging foliage on the church car park wall will be removed by RVBC provided that the parish council makes arrangements for it to be cut down.
    c) The HARP website has been updated.   As no contractor has yet been appointed, it is anticipated that it will be 2025 before work commences on the project.
    d) Leaflets have been circulated advising residents that a Household Support Fund is available for residents to assist with purchasing groceries.
6.   Clerk’s Report:
       The annual request for a donation to the Little Green Bus has been received.
       It was resolved to donate £150.00.
7.  Items for Discussion:
     A. Playground Equipment:
          a) Tarmac has agreed to make arrangements for the existing train to be removed.
          b) ESP will supply the Multiplay replacement parts free of charge.
           c) Following the “Expression of Interest” form to LEF, the parish council has been invited to make a formal application for a grant towards the provision of a new toddler train and                                    playground fencing.
     B  Downham Road Bridge:
         A response from LCC advised that the bridge has been identified for renewal.  It is likely that localised steel repairs will be prioritised for the next 12-18 months which will safeguard the                     capacity at 18t but will not strengthen the bridge.
     C.  Village Hall Management:
          The only response to the request for assistance was from a resident prepared to help with setting up the room.   It was agreed that residents should be made aware that the village hall may                 have to close unless there are sufficient people to volunteer with the maintenance.
           It was resolved to include further information about the Hall in the February Village Newsletter.
      D. Christmas Tree:
           The Village Committee members are looking for volunteers to put up and decorate the tree which will be delivered on Thursday, 28 December.   The switch-on will be at 6.30pm on 2nd                     December.
  8.  Representatives’ Reports:
       RVBC Parish Council Liaison Committee:   No representatives from Chatburn attended the meeting
       New Councillors Training:
       The two councillors who attended the Zoom Meeting felt that this had been an unsuccessful introduction to the work of Parish Councils as it had concentrated more on Code of Conduct issues.
  9.  Planning Applications & Decisions:
       3/2023/0866.  9 Old Road – Proposed five-bedroom, two-storey dwelling with a room in the roof space for which planning permission has already ben approved.   The parish council requires                                        clarification of the construction entrance position which is not shown on the new application.
       3/2023/0780.  10 Bridge Road – Resubmission of 3/2023/0543.
                                   No observations
        3/2023/0805.  The Royds Crow Trees Brow.   Resubmission of application 3/2023/0474.
                                    No observations
        No planning decisions have been received.
10.   Playing Field:
         a) As discussed under Item 7B, the train will be removed.
         It was resolved to accept the quotation for the replacement from Playground Sound  Services.
         b) The monthly playground inspection report was received.
         c) The parish council is waiting delivery of the Multplay screws and caps.
11.     Finance & Accounts:
         A.  Precept 2024 -2025
               It was resolved to precept for £11,940.00
         B.   Payments paid prior to the meeting
                WelMedical Ltd. – £192.00 – Defibrillator software update
                Borough Printing – £11.50 – Playing field signs
                Tritan Media – £9.99 – Stationery
                Wel Medical – defibrillator battery – £192.00
                Waterplus – £49.08
                 ITUS Security – £72.00 – CCTV Callout
                SLCC – £105.00 – Subscription
               Waterplus – £49.43
               Allotments – £370.00
12.     Items for the next Agenda:
          A. Newlands
          B. Lengthsman
13.     It was resolved to hold the next Parish Council meeting Monday, 18 December 2023  at 7.30pm.
          The meeting closed at 8.55pm.
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