Minutes – April 2023

A meeting of the Parish Council Meeting was held in the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday, 11 April 2023 at 7.30pm.
Present: Mr. P. Whittaker (Chair), Mr. D. Ascroft, Mrs. L. England, Mr. R. Porter and Mr. G. Scott

The meeting was attended by 1 member of the public.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Councillor S. Booth

2. There were no declarations of interest in items on the agenda.

3. Public Participation:
Matters raised by the public included problems with vermin, a buddleia causing blocking in the brook behind Victoria Court and overgrown hedges and grass verges on Sawley Road.

4. Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting were approved.

5. Borough Councillor’s Report:
a) The Borough Councillor expressed concern that the majority of gullies in Chatburn were completely blocked. The problem was exacerbated when some were deep cleaned causing the debris from them to flow into other grates.
It was resolved to request County Councillor Mirfin to discuss this with LCC Highways.

b) LCC has made an order for the footpath at the top of Old Road to be included in the Lancashire Definitive Map and Statement of Rights of Way subject to LCC receiving no objections or representations.

c) RVBC has approved grants of £500 to assist parishes proposing to celebrate the Coronation.

6. Clerk’s Report:
There were no additions to the written report.

7A. HARP – proposal to initiate an Action:
West Bradford Parish council is considering forming an Action Group to deal with matters arising from the HARP project and is currently seeking the views of parishes affected by this. The planning application may be referred to the Secretary of State and Chatburn Parish Council would prefer to wait until it has been approved before making a decision. When the project finally commences adherence to the approval conditions will be closely monitored.

7B. Coronation:
Plans are in progress to use the RVBC Grant for residents to take part in a Village Clean Up followed by a celebratory meal. Individual street parties will also benefit from the grant money. The event to be publicised to ascertain the numbers being catered for.

7C. Road Grids:
Following intervention from County Council Mirfin, LCC has removed the redundant grids and filled in the road outside Shackletons. There are still two requiring attention.

7D. Footpath adjacent to Ribble Lane:
The steps installed by LCC on the footpath adjacent to Ribble Lane have deteriorated and unsafe.
LCC PROW to be requested to take urgent remedial action.

8. Representative Reports:
RVBC PC Liaison Committee Meeting:
a) Councillor R Swarbrick reported on the problems encountered by the police when monitoring 20mph speed restriction signs. He is currently looking into forming a sub committee to discuss highway issues in rural areas.
b) HARP – see Item 7A

9. Planning Applications & Decisions:
Applications: 3/2023/0130. Proposed replacement of stables building with garden room
17 Crow Trees Brow
3/2022/0948. Manor House. Proposed change of use of second floor owner’s apartment to five additional care home bedrooms with ensuite facilities. Conversion of external storage building.

No decisions have been received.

10. Playing Field:
a) The monthly playground inspection report was received.
b) A letter has been received from Chatburn School requesting permission to plant shrubs and trees on the playing field for Save the Planet week which is to raise awareness of climate change. The Chairman will discuss the project with school and ascertain further details of the proposed planting.

11. Finance & Accounts:
A. (i)The Statement of Accounts & Annual Governance Statement 2022/2023 were approved by the council.
(ii)The Certificate of Exemption was approved by the council.
B. Payments:
LALC – annual subscription – 203.40
Walne & Co. – playground sign – £74.40
G. Lambert – internal audit – £85.00
RVBC – annual precept – £11372.00

12. Items for the next Agenda:
A. HARP Update
B. Rodent Control
C. Newlands Nursery Signage

13. It was resolved to hold the next Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 16 May 2023 at 7.30pm. The venue to be arranged.
The meeting closed at 8.40pm

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